Paria Connection pres. erai und Grow Grow
14. April 2019
20 Uhr

Started with the classic 90s screamo like Policy of 3 or Chino Horde in mind, more and more modern influences found their way into the sound of ERAI! Their sound became an melancholic, dark and intense blend of screamo, emo, posthardcore and even some indie/alternative-rock!
Music to sit down and read along the lyrics while listening to it!
(erai waren im März 2018 schon einmal in Görlitz) 

Grow Grow 
Grow Grow play loud intense noisey rock from the 90ies. Their sound is often influenced by other genres like post-hardcore, post rock and post punk.
Compared to bands like Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Ten Volt Shock, Fugazi, Turbostaat, Love A, Eniac.

Einlass: 1900
Start: 2000