Paria Connection pres. Hedger / tarr
13. Juni 2019
Einlass: 19 Uhr
Start: 20 Uhr

PARIA Connection presents

Hedger - Noise/Progressive - Berlin

tarr - Screamo/Post/Math Rock - Hammerstadt/Rietschen
(members of KŸHL, Idiot Savant usw.)

OPEN: 1900
START: 2000

This five piece band from Berlin rips you off your shoes and makes you float smoothly at the same time. Hedger is doing its own thing in the circus and will never get tired doing so. Their progressive mixture of Mathrock, PostHardcore and Noise reminds you kindly of the Bands you always wanted to hear. Without hesitation this pack tingles between Norma Jean, Dillinger Escape, Botch and Mastodon, but your music school teacher will even hear some jazz influenced tunes. Lyrically they deal with interpersonal topics as blunt as with the inner demons we all face. Social and political topics are treated as well, in which Hedger place themselves clearly left wing. Tight and smokie clubs, people’s kitchen and warm hearted promoters are one of the reasons why Hedger also loves to play subcultural and self-governed/squatted places.

... play music out of different genres like emo,postrock,screamo,experimental,punk,hc,metal etc.
they live in some dead villages in eastern germany!
these are bands they had before: Idiot Savant, Audiocaeneat!, KŸHL, Mounter Re Doutier, Ixtab Maya, Rohlink, Kunst Am Scheideweg, Cantdorf Beach, MotorExitNine, Immurement etc.