What are impulse projects?

Impulse projects arise out of ideas, which you may have in your head, but you weren’t able to realize them.
Görlitz is with its empty buildings and areas the perfect playground to realize your own ideas. With your help we want to change the city and create a place for young people, on which you not only can dream, but also establish own offers for you and others. The Energiefabrik in Görlitz is a place like this and its just waiting for a recovery by your creative ideas.

You have a great idea, what you could do in the empty Energiefabrik?
You know projects, ideas, and concepts, from other cities, which should be realized in Görlitz?
You would like to enlarge the city or take care about problems?

In the last year with the help of a lot young committed people we were able to create new impetus. In this process we developed office space, storage facilities and of course the open Creative Workshop.

You would like to start your own impulse project?
We would really like to help you! We can provide you appropriate rooms, the use of the Creative Workshop and our own know-how. If you need extra financial support – no problem!