What is RABRYKA?
RABRYKA is an invented word, which was developed during the Creative Camp 2013. It is composed of the polish word fabryka (factory) and the German word Rot (red) and is an allusion to the red brick buildings on the terrain of the Energiefabrik and on the neighbours’ area. It is a playground for handicraft, for troubleshooting something and for experimenting on something. Not only for young people, but for all - whoever wants to take part, as well as you! RABRYKA is a vision, which is moving. RABRYKA are the people who are meeting there. Those People, who are thinking and trying together what could happen in the Centre for Youth and Sociocultural in the future. “RABRYKA is a common ground, on which collaborative urban development is becoming researchable, imaginable, understandable and realizable in Görlitz.”

What are impulse projects?
You have a great idea, what could you do in the empty Energiefabrik? Would you like to cover the open areas with greenery or would you like to create a place where you can play music? We are open-minded about any idea and together we will try to realize your impulse project. You can find an exact description here - what are impulse project and how you can apply.

How we see urban development?
When we are moving into a new flat, we design the flat how we want it. Why are we not doing this the same way with the city where we are living? We are those who are living, learning, going shopping and recovering here. We know what we are missing here and what we like to improve. We can work together with the city’s politician, and have an influence on improving and developing the area.

Who is RABRYKA and who can take part?
We are young people, who met in Görlitz/Zgorzelec. We like to do something for our city and us. We don’t just want to hear great stories about other cities any more, we want to be satisfied with our city. Do you think so too? What you are thinking? Come over! It doesn’t matter where do you come from, how old you are or what you are doing. Our door is open to everyone!

We are currently involved in the pilot project Jugend.Stadt.Labor. This is a research programme of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the German Federal Institute of Building, Urban and Space research. For more information you can find here.

What are our goals?
1. We want to build up a prototype of a Centre for Youth and Sociocultural.
2. The Energiefabrik should be used and some parts of the industrial wasteland should be reactivated.
3. With the common ground local initiative should be supported.